Fox & Friends

Immigration & The Border Wall

In a testy exchange with anti-immigration zealot Andrew Arthur, Hamza Khan points out the flaws in GOP logic when attacking Democrats for failing to tackle immigration reform on their own.

Fox & Friends First, November 30, 2018.

This morning I was on Fox & Friends to defend Democrats and make clear that we’re not the problem when it comes to fixing our broken immigration system. Below is a snapshot of my argument.

1. Democrats supported bi-partisan bill back in 2013 that would have created a path to citizenship for 11 million Americans-without-papers. It died at the hands of white nationalists in the House of Representatives after passing the US Senate.

2. Over 40% of undocumented immigrants take a plane. A Wall does nothing while costing us money we need for roads, bridges, schools, and paying the debt incurred for blowing those same infrastracture in numerous other countries.

3. Who else has a wall? Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran -- and a whole host of countries not up for "human rights defender of the year award". We'd be the only member of NATO to have one, and we don't even have an aggressor state as a neighbor.

A Few Other Things To Consider

  1. It isn’t exactly neighborly to aggressive build a monumental wall on the border with a friendly country. In fact, it is a fantastic way to damage relations and inhibit future diplomatic ventures with that country. Mexico is valuable trade partner, and in many ways a gateway into Latin America, i.e. our backyard in the hemisphere. Antagonizing Mexicans and Mexican-Americans to satisfy white nationalists is simply not in America’s long-term interests.

  2. Consider the message it sends to the the rest of the world, and why we should be allowed to remain a global leader in culture, trade and influence. Advanced weaponry and currency control (we are the world’s reserve currency) will only go so far, especially in an age where Russia, China and India are aggressively asserting their geopolitical strength. America has a role to play as a global stabilizer (not policeman), and that role’s influence and effectiveness will be diminished if the rest of the world views us as an arrogant bully that taunts poorer nations by building walls and squishing hopes of the American Dream for all who seek it out.

  3. There is no empirical evidence to suggest building a border wall will fix our immigration system. The idea is pure skullduggery designed to please and satiate the vanity and racial supremacy doctrine of white nationalists who view America as “polluted” by non-white background immigration. Otherwise, why not build a wall with Canada, too?

  4. It is beyond un-Christian for us to deny entry to those merely seeking to improve their station in life. Remember the Christian story of the birth of Christ: how Mary & Joseph found no shelter but a lonely and cold manger. Have we forgotten the essence of who we are as a nation, and the hope we offer the world?