It's Time We Move On From Donald Trump

The President of the United States is a corrupt, immoral, buffoon.

But Americans want solutions to their problems, not constant reminders about all of his.

Over the past two and a half years, our country has seen dramatic shifts in political norms—and definitely not for the better. Donald Trump’s first few months in office were something out of a dystopian Hollywood blockbuster, or perhaps National Lampoon. In either case, the president proved himself a poor manager, an even worse negotiator, and a breathtaking bigot. It was the stuff sensational media (not news) coverage was made for: big, glossy stories of drama, intrigue and chaos.

But its gotten old. Really old. Americans are tiring of hearing about how inept Donald Trump is, and are seeking again a new paradigm in politics: "just how is government going to improve our lives—no for real, this time?”

Progressive & liberal causes have had a boon fundraising small dollar donations on the basis that Mr. Trump is in effect, an illegitimate president. reports that a majority of Americans continue to disapprove of Mr. Trump’s job performance, though the gap has narrowed significantly in recent months. One reason for the narrowing of the gap is the sense that in their ardent desire to discredit Donald Trump, his detractors have lost whatever objectivity they once had in criticizing him. That is a dangerous sentiment for our democracy; if Democrats and others cannot be trusted by voters to offer sincere critique of a man well out of his depth in his current role, the next question becomes: “well, is any of that criticism justified, in that case?”

And yet, Democrats’ priorities seem focused on satisfying a progressive base whose younger cadres, given the progression of linear time, will inherit the earth and halls of Congress fairly soon, anyway. I should know—I am one of them.

The unyielding focus on just how corrupt, how immoral and how much of a buffoon Donald Trump is will not end his term in office any sooner. Yes, there is ample evidence that impeachment is warranted, and bills accomplishing that should be debated on the House floor for the whole world to see. But the level to which the focus has become Donald Trump’s litany of misdeeds rather than offering a rational and thorough rebuttal of his policies is unhelpful, and has become a distraction at a critical time for the future of our country.

Given the immense evidence presented by the Mueller Report, and the ongoing investigations in New York and Washington into many of his close associates, Mr. Trump will likely face a day in court anyway, sooner or later. Our focus as a country should therefore be on how we plan to deliver a different future for Americans.

If Democrats and their allies are serious about delivering for the American people, they must take seriously the business at hand: How will AOC’s Green New Deal revitalize rustbelt communities? How does Rep. Ro Khanna’s Internet Bill of Rights safeguard constitutional rights and the civil rights of Americans? How will Rep. Jamie Raskin’s Shareholders United Bill help get corporate money out of politics? If Democrats spent half as much time promoting the ideas of their progressive colleagues as they do seeking to capitalize on Donald Trump chronic allergy to truth, justice and the American Way, then we would be in a different ball game right now.