Ramadan's Final Ten Nights

During the last ten nights of Ramadan, Muslims seek out through prayer and contemplation a sacred night where God is believed to erase our sins of the past year should we ask Him to, and to finalize the destinies of each member of our great human family for the coming year.

While we begin to seek out God's mercy and ask for the good of this world and the hereafter, I have some important things I would like to ask of those who know me.

I ask that you forgive my shortcomings, forgive my failings and the times I might have hurt you or failed you, and to forgive my past misdeeds by you. While I have strived hard to be a person of honor and decency, my heart aches at the many times that I have had neither since turning 18. Please grant me your pardon, as I have fully granted to those who have wronged me in our shared past this night.

We are living in a world embroiled in conflicted emotions and uncertain circumstances. What we can do by one another is to show compassion to the stranger, and to those we have disagreement with. I hope that Ramadan might show all of us a path on which we can all grow our souls on together.

Peace be with us all.