Analysis: Elizabeth Warren, Beto O'Rourke & Joe Biden Clear Winners

Beto O’Rourke had his strongest night yet.

After deciding not to court voters in Spanish (thank you, Beto), the presidential candidate and skateboarder unleashed his RFK-esque passion for public policy through going unscripted on gun reform.

Elizabeth Warren said as much as she needed to, and not a word more.

Despite attempts to get her to go on record about the financial cost to taxpayers for some of her reforms, Warren remained disciplined and in her best form last night. She also spoke close to least last night as she allowed gaffes and wrong-headed jabs at age (looking at you, Castro) dominate the night. Her point that she’s met no one who so far loves their healthcare company resonated with a lot of Americans on both sides of the aisle.

Juan Castro tried to channel Kamala Harris’s love of being the Bully.

And it failed. Not only was Castro actually wrong in casting doubt on Biden’s memory which in turn makes us wonder if Castro has a memory or hearing problem of his own, he came off as unpresidential, desperately looking to insult an older, more credible public servant. Castro will not survive this, and if he does, if Biden wins the nomination, like Kamala he’ll face an unlikely future.

Sanders Still Resonates.

Younger Americans are increasingly dividing up between Mayor Pete Buttigeg, Beto O’Rourke, and internet sensation Andrew Yang. But the lion share of. younger voters I’ve spoken to across the country continue to favor either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren—reflecting national polls. In particular, Sanders direct challenge to the powers that be (big banks, soulless insurance companies, and pro-climate change interests) continues to ring as the truest of the platforms offered by any candidate.

Joe Biden is Not Going Anywhere.

Gaffes that date him, jokes about his age, claims by flagging candidates that he’s not racist, “but…” — they’ve all failed, again and again. Joe Biden still connects with a Americans across the board because they’ve come to either trust him or respect that he, along with Sanders and Warren, isn’t running for president to fulfill his ego. He cares about America, and wants to serve the country. Keep that in mind going forward.