Reflection: Kennedy Assassin Stabbed in Jail

Sirhan Sirhan, the Palestinian nationalist who assassinated America's progressive champion, Robert F. Kennedy, has been stabbed in prison. 

Sirhan's violent terrorist act was the first to be carried out on US soil in relation to the Middle East conflict. 

At his trial, Sirhan couched his desire to kill Kennedy as the product of an epic struggle between Arab and Jew, and proceeded to go on a diatribe about his lifelong hatred for Jews--despite his defense attorney being a Jew. Sirhan's crime led to the election of Richard M. Nixon, and the defeat of a vision of a progressive, inclusive America for decades to come.

Blind hatred begets our destruction. Let the lesson here be that no nationalist impulse, be it domestic or foreign, is in line with the ethos of our great people, the human race.