Hamza's Biography.

"I look forward to the day that professional politicos such as myself are no longer needed; to the day voters turnout in countless droves, and the week preceding and the day of elections are not merely off-days for work, but cherished, nay sacred, holidays where the body politic argues, discusses, and finally decides the fate of society at the ballot box - that is the day I strive for." --Hamza Khan, December 15th, 2013

Hamza Khan is a citizen and political activist based in Montgomery County, Maryland. Currently, he has a full-time job consulting on fundraising for a major political candidate. Hamza insists his current job will be his last in the political space (though no one believes him). Since 2001,  Hamza has advised, worked on, or consulted for over a dozen Democratic campaigns at the county, state, and national levels.

Hamza ran unsuccessfully for state delegate in 2013, when he was 25, and has been involved in some shape or form in Maryland state politics for over a decade. Hamza has owned both a dog (a Chesapeake Bay Retriever), and two cats (both were "honorary Pathan Kittens"). Hamza currently sits on the regional board for Emerge-USA, America's leading Muslim American political engagement organization. 

Hamza has formally studied Arabic, Farsi, French,  Hebrew and Japanese--and continues to practice them in his spare time. In 2014,  Hamza received a citation from Maryland's then-Governor Martin O'Malley for over a decade of intensive involvement in Muslim-Jewish relations. 

Hamza is married to environmental advocate and government relations specialist Emmalee Aman. They have no children. Hamza has two younger siblings, and enjoys spending time with his family, reading books, and drinking coffee (and green tea).



Hamza has a terrible habit of taking selfies when he's exhausted from an all-nighter, or a red-eye flight. In this case, both.